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IP surveillance solution provider Azsecu becomes ONVIF member!

Jun 4, 2019
IP surveillance solution provider Azsecu becomes ONVIF member!
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Azsecu, an IP-based megapixel video surveillance solution provider, is proud to be the member of ONVIF to ensure interoperability with other network components in system-wide solutions!
Founded in 2008, ONVIF is the most influential online video surveillance organization in the world, driving the development of open global standards for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products. So far, ONVIF consists of nearly 500 member companies in six continents and more than 7,000 Profile conformant products. With the adoption of an open standard, IP-based security products from different member companies are able to be compatible and interoperable with each other, making integration of the products easy and friendly.
Since the very beginning of Azsecu, the team has been actively participating in ONVIF's interoperability and standardization programs. As of now, Azsecu's entire product line is ONVIF Profile S compliant. With the adoption of an open standard like ONVIF, the value, eligibility and reliability of Azsecu IP-based surveillance products are further enhanced, driving future business growth.
Azsecu is always committed to bringing top-notch IP-based products with high quality and diversified demands for global partners and customers. Join as a member of ONVIF means a great future for Azsecu. Customers who choose to use Azsecu's products will benefit from the increased flexibility and greater freedom of choice of interoperable products that comply with the ONVIF standard.

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New Product Launching - HD-CVI

Jul 17, 2014
New Product Launching - HD-CVI
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AZSECU is now proud to announce our new launch HD-CVI series of camera, model AZ720CVI-DIR and AZ720CVI-IRSQ, and our AZCVR5000 series CVI Recorder

General Introduction:
HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) --- is one of the latest innovations of HD-over-coax technology, which makes possible the transmission of HD video without latency over a distance of up to 500-meter via coaxial cables. In other words, end users now have the option to upgrade existing systems from standard definition to megapixel high resolution at a lower cost.
Although network video technology has penetrated the majority of market sectors and geographic regions, the current global security market is still dominated by analog systems in terms of sales volume. Accordingly, there are still plenty of opportunities in the traditional analog market. For instance, for a big commercial building with around 40 million coaxial cables, re-cabling can be extremely costly and time consuming. At the same time, end users want higher picture quality. Therefore, the HD-over-coax technology, which enables HD video transmission via coaxial cable within a 500-meter distance, would be the great solution to fit all these requirements.

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